St Kilda Road Domain Station Relocation.

Robert Brenner’s alternate design for the St Kilda Road Domain Station location.

The current proposed location is so bad that the only good word for it comes from the MMRA and the Government.

It is hard to find anything good to say about the current location and the proposed method of construction.

The issues resolved by this new location of the Domain Station are:

Major issues resolved:

the upgrade works on many of the surrounding roads would not be necessary

the reduction in lanes on St Kilda Road would be unnecessary

the impact on residents would be minimal

the impact on traffic would be minimal

Albert Road closure would be unnecessary

Bowen Crescent closure would be unnecessary

any delays in the project would not extend the pain to the community

access to residential, retail and businesses would not be affected

realignment of the tunnel from CBD South Station to Punt Road would reduce the length of the tunnel and rail lines by some 80m

the station would now have two ‘real’ exits for safety

a third exit is also possible with direct access to the Shrine Level

overall direct cost savings estimate is in the order of $828M (see appendix)

indirect cost savings in the order of $100M due to no loss of land value in the area, no increase in travels times, no loss of productivity for Victorians

Other issues resolved:

the loss of approximately 20 mature trees on the St Kilda Rd boulevard (vs 223 with the current proposal (see 16.4.1)). A further 30 immature saplings would be lost in the park area but these would be easily replaced.

the relocation of the tram route from Domain Road to Toorak Rd would be unnecessary

Domain Road closure would be unnecessary and the Domain Road northern footpath could be reserved for the slurry pipes

Albert Road Reserve could be left intact with only a small entrance provided on the unused triangular area of park land adjacent to the South African War Memorial

  • relocation of the South African Soldiers Memorial would be unnecessary
  • noise and dust pollution would be moved well away from all residential, retail and business areas traffic management would be almost unnecessary
  • most of the construction zone would be obscured by existing trees and would be a minimal eyesore
  • the proposed bends in the rail line are less severe than the current design

no impact on the property values in the area during construction

no impact on emergency services access to the residences

minimal impact on parking in the area (only the area immediately adjacent to the `lay-down’ area

The following link will take you to a more detailed explanation. This is a PDF file that will open if you have installed a PDF reading program.