MMRA the king of spin

With what seems like an unlimited budget, we are bombarded with media releases announcements and animated videos.

Thousands of residents in the Domain area, traffic experts, heritage concerns and the general public from all walks of life, have been almost completely ignored.

Try getting another Government department involved in conversation about the project, or a business concerned with construction. They are all intimidated and will not comment.

Almost every document they have produced states "After extensive consultation with stakeholders" the fact is that little or no consultation takes place. What little there has been, the concerns of stakeholders have not been addressed.

Flyers with updates arrive after the event, notices of public meetings arrive the day after the meetings.


The Domain area appears to be the main construction area for the whole project. We believe this is why MMRA are fighting so hard for the cut and shut method. Almost every cubic meter of earth from the tunnel in both directions has to be trucked from the Domain. This area is not just the Domain station site as their publicity would have you believe. The station is just a small part of the area. That is why the affected area is huge.
To the MMRA there is no other choice. We will not see the queues of tip trucks in their glossy brochures.

The truth is the open cut as proposed by MMRA is not acceptable to anyone. there is no Cheer Squad for this method of construction. It is a cheap way out, a method that has not been used in sensitive areas for 50 years.

The new London underground, more than 3 times the length of ours, has very little above ground disruption.

The whole process looks more and more like rushed political expediency.

Alternate Domain Station Location

MMRA recently "reviewed " the positioning of the station, and, surprise surprise without outside consultation found their location would be unchanged.

MMRA produced an animated video in record time showing why the digging up acres of St Kilda Road is better than moving the Station.

Commuters would have a three minute walk to the tram.

Re positioning small plaques. but not mentioning the South African Memorial would stay.

Trees would be lost, yes some, but nowhere the devastation proposed for St Kilda Road.

Serious traffic issues are being ignored

MMRA traffics engineers state after reducing St Kilda Road  from 4 lanes of traffic each way down to 1,  vehicles can move to Punt Road and Kings Street, (surly they are kidding).
How about the hundreds of tip trucks?

MMRA traffic engineers must  live in Bacchus Marsh or they would know these roads are already choked at peak hour.
How about employing one who lives in the area who knows the traffic movement in and out of 22 high rise buildings, As well as the through traffic.
We have seen no traffic studies to back up these claims.

Read the MMRA document and try to find something worthwhile in the Shrine station proposal, or the Toorak Road West proposal, or something against the MMRA plan. Not likely.


Do you know all the traffic issues will be hand-balled to the contractors after contracts are let? They will have to deal with the public not the MMRA who set up the mess.

We have been trying to find the MMRA estimate of how many trucks and vehicles per day will be entering and exiting the Domain site. The figure doesn't seem to appear in the mountains of brochures or press releases. You will find it buried in the thousands of documents not released by the spin machine.
Can't seem to find it in the so called traffic management plans either. Yet this is a major concern to all affected. We believe the figure to be about 200.

How  can the residents and affected parties raise enough money to compete with this unbelievably well funded spin machine?