Park Station in Toorak Road instead of Domain Station.

William Mcintosh-Presentation-Domain-Station (PDF)

Domain Station / Park Station
• Presenter:
William M. McIntosh B.E.(Hons), M.Sc., MAusIMM(CP)
• Background:
• Engineer educated in Melbourne and Canada,
• Over 45 years experience in mining and infrastructure,
• Minor involvement in City Loop preliminary works in Y1969
• Designed, managed and built infrastructure in Australia, Indonesia, Colombia, and Bangladesh
• Advised multi‐nationals on rail and port infrastructure world‐wide
• Reputation for problem solving in complex situations

Domain Station Problems:
• Requires removal of 200+ mature trees in the World’s Most Liveable City. Replacements will take 25 years (a generation) to mature
• Vandalises Melbourne’s Premier and World‐Famous Boulevard – a tourist icon. In the direct vicinity of The Shrine
• Construction will seriously impact the flow of peak hour vehicular traffic along a main access route to and from the City. Effectively reduced to one lane, and none when a tram stops to discharge/load passengers.
• Will divert traffic onto Queens Road/Kings Way or Punt Road/Hoddle Street, which are already stop/start at Peak Hours. This will add significantly to Travel Times for all, and cause major delays with incidents
•Impacts tram and bus travel times along St Kilda Road for many years, particularly at Peak Hours
• Markedly increases the risk of injury to tram passengers alighting along a section of St Kilda Road for years. Added road rage will increase this risk.
Places the many, and increasing, bicycle commuters along St Kilda Road at much higher risk of vehicle collisions with greater traffic pressure, and road rage ncrease.
•Increases the risk of injury to pedestrians & students from two major schools with loss of Safe Tram Stops
•Damages the Boer War Memorial Park
• Wastes the $ Millions spent on the Domain Tram Interchange

“St Kilda Road is a key transport corridor with 41,000 vehicles and 3,000 cyclists using the road each day and
31,000 pedestrians using this section of road during the morning and afternoon peaks.
Between 2010 and 2015, 122 accidents involving cyclists and 74 involving pedestrians were reported. Two lives
were lost and 33 crashes resulted in serious injury.”
VicRoads, August 2016

• Requires some 300,000 cubic metres (over 500,000 tonnes) of excavated material to be hauled away,
adding to traffic congestion and road damage.
• Above construction impacts will continue for 3 – 5 years
Domain Station
•Will cost about $500 million to complete (excluding value of travel time impacts for all users). Issues:
• The complex site, with all the provisions of continued traffic usage, and the many utilities to
be relocated, are large added costs.
• The difficult working location will add a large percentage to the costs of excavation and construction.

Domain Station Partial Solution:

•Use cavern method for excavation
This will:
•Only reduce the abovementioned impacts partially,
as large surface works will still be required
• Could cost an additional c.$200 million

But it is worse than that!

Alternative – Park Station Solution:
• Locate UG rail station along the northern edge of Fawkner Park adjacent to Toorak Road
• Exit points from UG could be provided at St Kilda Road (via an UG travelling walkway), at Park Street, and on the northern side of Toorak Road
• The former will directly connect with all present St Kilda Road trams. Including Tram #55, for which trackage exists for continuation to Toorak Road
• The Park St exit connects to Tram #8 along Toorak Road to South Yarra and beyond

Park Station Solution:
• The Park Street Exit is only 400 metres walk from the western end of the South Yarra commercial sites.
•It is less than 1 km (tram or walk) to the South Yarra Station – negating the case for an UG station there
•Only 800 metres from the Alfred Hospital
•It is only 400 metres from the Shrine Reserve along quiet side streets, or a short tram ride at frequent

The proposal was rejected because it was not accord with the declaration made by the Planning Minister. In other words all submissions would be rejected if they were not the same as the MMRA.

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