How can a Government that we put in office to protect our heritage, allow this wanton destruction to take place? Our forefathers back in the nineteenth century designed this magnificent boulevard from a dirt track for the citizens of Melbourne. Make no mistake, the station can be moved a few hundred meters to save St Kilda Road. 

Who and why ?

St Kilda Road action group is working on behalf of 8,000 plus directly affected residents, Domain Precinct Preservation Association, Save St Kilda Road, who are working tirelessly behind the scenes, other interested groups, commuters and individuals estimated at 150,000 plus, affected by by this inappropriate development. 24 hours a day 7 days a week for 5 years. The worksite almost touches the buildings.

Without Government power behind it and its Ministers ability to make executive decisions, the MMRA would not be able to proceed. Heritage and traffic issues are far from resolved. They only have approval for preliminary works at this time, yet they are pressing ahead as though they have full approval.

It is rarely acknowledged that this proposed devastation is not just to build the station it is the main  work site for the whole project, Including the launch site for the huge tunnel boring machines.

MMRA promised consultation? - It never happened.

Many who live, work, commute through and  love this iconic boulevard are outraged at the proposal by Melbourne Rail Authority and the Government’s plans re the destruction around the Domain tram interchange area, for the Domain Station.

MMRA called for alternate submissions, all were knocked back because they didn't meet the Ministers declaration that it the station had to be located under St Kilda Road and Albert Road. You would think this was joke if it wasn't so serious.

St Kilda Road is one of Melbourne’s best serviced areas for public transport, why we need a train station is beyond me. South Yarra, 5 minutes along the track is crying out for a station but the Government says it will not fund it.

Barry Jones AC and Tom Harley have authored a letter and submission to the Federal Minister for the Environment and Energy, Josh Frydenberg urging a NATIONAL heritage listing for St Kilda Rd! This is a real potential win for “Save St Kilda Rd” and the strong efforts and initiatives of all supporting groups. The submission can be read in this website.

MMRA recently "reviewed " the positioning of the station and surprise surprise without outside consultation found their location would be unchanged.

Is it any wonder the group are so disenchanted with Government. The new Domain tram interchange only built in 2013, at a cost of over $10,000,000 is to be demolished to build the new underground station.

Alternate proposal by Engineer William McIntosh to move St Kilda Road Domain Station adjacent to Toorak Road in Fawkner Park. This solution really makes sense compared to the MMRA proposal. Read the Toorak Road Station Proposal here. This proposal would save millions and cause almost no short and long term effects.

The Toorak Road  Station proposal is the only way to avoid the looming traffic chaos. A total re-think of the station site is the answer.
Move it around the corner to Toorak Road West.
A moving airport style walkway from a tram superstop in St Kilda Road will have commuters at the station in a couple of minutes.

We have many experts in their field assisting with our fight to to have this vandalism curtailed. If you can contribute with your expertise, legal, public relations, advertising etc. please get in touch.

For more information email: info@stkildard.com.au

Contact the webmaster graemedavies for contributions.

Views expressed are those of the contributors.

The Save St Kilda Road Group are very professional and are the best contact if you wish to assist in any way including donations. Petitions, Facebook, twitter etc.


World class Boulevard about to be destroyed.

Dec 16, 2016 — Daniel Andrews, Premier of Victoria - and his DELIVERY authority MMRA - that's who. We are NOT AGAINST the Metro Tunnel - we just want a sensible LOW IMPACT construction plan. The Heritage Register SHOULD guarantee protection but all indications are that the MMRA permit application will be rushed through to a very quick conclusion with a decision expected in January.

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Five years of this 24 hours a day 7 days a week.